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VANGUARD PROGRAMME™ (11 - 17 years old)



Now THIS is THE programme for 11-17 year olds to really evolve creatively by leaps and bounds, over their peers elsewhere! The goal of our popular and pioneering VANGUARD PROGRAMME™, **DRAWING MASTERY PROGRAMME™ & *PORTFOLIO PREPARATION PROGRAMME™ is for the child to be able to work towards being able to conceive, plan and create original drawings and/or paintings that express an idea, feeling or point of view, individually or as a member of a creative team. He/she will use new media and traditional media in a craftsman like way that explores the boundaries of the media. He/she will also be taught how to shape the elements of line, space, color, light and texture, to express ideas, describe perceptions, as well as to create interest, memorability, and beauty.

These processes will be predicated and reinforced throughout with a strong creative-writing element, where the facilitator will work with the child to develop and elicit thoughts and ideas on paper, before and during when the brush touches the canvas. The child will also get to view a wide array of works by fellow students and master artists, to analyse, critique and understand the work and the context in which it was made. Naturally, and some say very importantly, a very powerful portfolio will be created during the child's journey with us in the programme!

* The PORTFOLIO PREPARATION PROGRAMME™ is an intensive programme that prepares children 10 years old and above who are intending to gain entry into Art programmes at 'O' & 'A'Levels e.g. Art Elective Programme, Direct School Admission (DSA) , and at the Tertiary Level e.g. International Baccalaureate, Polytechnics, Major Art Institutions. Please do contact us if you are keen for your child to join this programme.

* The DRAWING MASTERY PROGRAMME™ highlights the fact that sketching and drawing are the fundamental building block for an artist. It is used to develop a personal visual vocabulary. Sketches are visual exercises in problem solving and provides the opportunity to hone your observational skills, exercise and develop mark-making skills, encourage selectivity, experiment with new techniques and expressive possibilities, and create compositions and various lighting effects. Students will learn that, for an artist, sketching is the most uninhibited and free-est form of the creative process. Sketching is an art form in itself and gives insight into the artist's soul.

Click here to view some of the works of our young artists.

ART PLAYDATE (18 mths - 3 yrs old)

Designed and facilitated by our trained art and early childhood facilitators, the Art Playdate programme is a parent-accompanied one (or any other loving accompanying adult!) which aims to plant the seeds of creative beginnings for tiny tots, from a very young age, and facilitate parent-child bonding! Providing a developmentally appropriate approach to creativity and the arts for young children, the programme is unique in that it is designed especially, and exclusively, for toddlers, providing them with a one-of-a-kind creative experience! Let the creative juices flow!

Click here to view some of the works of our young artists.

WEE CAMPERS (3 - 4 years old)

From Castles to Dungeons...carriages to sports cars, mystical landscapes, still life compositions or abstract interpretations; every child will get to create his/her innumerable own models and paintings according to his/her perspective! Children will also learn about and delve into a myriad of exciting concepts, like that of the centre of gravity, perspective, and colour theory (a frequently re-visited theme) - just to name a few. All facilitated in an environment filled with an infectious light-hearted spirit of FUN of course! Throughout the year, different environments and their components will be both brought into and re-created in the workspace at Art Boot Camp, allowing your child to create, explore, discover, and perhaps rekindle!

Aims of our programme:
This program is designed with 3-4 year olds in mind. It aims to simulate the imagination of young, inquisitive and uninhibited minds, facilitate their creative energy and instil in each child a spirit of learning through selected creative activities that cater for various developmental stages for this age group.

We will provide a safe and caring learning environment that focuses on the needs of each and every child in the program. A 5:1 facilitator to child ratio will be established, so that all children will be engaged, happy and safe.

Click here to view some of the works of our young artists.

KINDER CAMPERS (5 - 6 years old)

Our focus for our KINDER CAMPERS is to impart to all our charges the many techniques of rendering the innumerable subject matter around us, using a continuous cycle encompassing basic to slightly more complex drawing and painting techniques, interspersed with occasional 3-Dimensional projects to develop the child’s visualisation capabilities. Lessons will be introduced and re-visited through different subject matter and progressive in nature. Given TIME and the OPPORTUNITY, regardless of age, each child will gain the confidence to hone his/her artistic skills and produce a wonderful priceless ‘creative story-board’ that will brighten up anyone’s day… including yours!

Click here to view some of the works of our young artists.

LITTLE CAMPERS (7 - 11 years old)

The LITTLE CAMPERS programme is specially designed to progressively educate the curious 7-year old, while at the same time stimulate the critical thinking processes of the more discerning 9 year old. Through acquiring the knowledge of various media and more complex techniques through time, each child will be encouraged to exude his/her very own individuality and independence through forms of artistic expression. With our unique assignments that will stretch and hone the creative, focusing and reflective capacities of the child beyond the classroom session, this programme aims to continuously develop and stimulate lateral, spatial as well as logical thinking in the child. All this, even as classes are conducted in an uplifting and interactive setting!

Click here to view some of the works of our young artists.

The table below provides just a glimpse of the range of topics that have been covered for Kinder & Little Campers:

Some Areas
of Focus for
Kinder & Little
Detailed Drawing Colour Theory Chinese Ink Painting Perspective (Landscape)
Paint a composition in watercolour Learning to control Lighting Still Life Painting
Learning Monochrome (oranges) Knife Painting Detailed Painting Drawing the Hand Portraiture
Rendering using Coloured Pencils Understanding Soft Pastels Body Proportions Model Drawing
Exploring Typography with printing Acrylic painting of your dream! Scenery with washes
Drawing animals and human with basic shapes and forms using marker/pen
Drawing face and human body using charcoal
English Calligraphy drawing


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