WELCOME to the Art Boot Camp!! As THE premier creative institution for children in Singapore and the region, Art Boot Camp has been continuously raising the bar in re-defining essential and quality skill sets necessary for each and every child's wholesome creative development.

Here, we firmly believe that there are valuable lessons to be had in making pretty pictures that children can apply to the 'big picture', their whole lives long. For us, it's not just about lateral thinking, but lateral SEEING as well! Just what sets us apart from the rest? At Art Boot Camp, we're DRIVEN BY PURE PASSION

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Calling ALL 3-16 year olds!!!! The holidays are just round the corner, so come on down to Art Boot Camp for some creative FUN! Undisputedly Singapore's biggest and best! Always sold-out and over-subscribed!!! So round up your friends TODAY!!! Our 2/3/5-day Vacation Workshops that run throughout the year, accommodate ALL local as well as international schools' calendars!!! For example, Christmas camps are typically over-subscribed way in advance every year, so remember to BOOK EARLY!!! EARLY BIRD DISCOUNTS!!!

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Friends of Art Boot Camp REFERRAL PROGRAMME

GET a $20 voucher for EACH recommendation you make for our regular term programmes!

Is your child already a student at one of our regular art classes? If so, in conjunction with our 11th Anniversary celebrations, we're offering one FREE $20 VOUCHER for every single child you recommend and who signs up for any one of our regular term classes.

These vouchers can be used to offset against your fees for the immediate following term. It's as simple as that!!! For example: recommend 4 friends and you get $80 in vouchers for your 'efforts'! Not yet a student? Then become one today. Before you know it, your child might be attending classes for free! Check with us on the T&Cs that apply today!


Our Patron IAN WRIGHT Makes a Splash at
Art Boot Camp!

He came. He spoke. He inspired. And of course...filled the room with rip-roaring laughter and many happy faces!

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Little Camp & Vanguard Programme

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There’s also LOTS FOR YOU TO DO
at Art Boot Camp!


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